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Thank you for taking the time to look at my paintings. 

My new exhibition "Reflections on Class - Still Life Politics" is opening on 21st February 2014.  This series of still life paintings use glasses and cups to explore different political ideas and issues.   These works can be found under  "Still Life Politics".  Individual paintings explore particular ideas like class warfare, class structures and strategies like "divide and Rule" but groups of paintings also explore more involved ideas.  Individual players in the political process are also explored through portraits of a single glass or cup. 

In February 2012, I had my first solo exhibition.  It was concerned with climate change and included 24 portraits of grand old trees looking up from the base.  Closer attention to the trunk revealed different examples of human intervention which contribute to climate change.  Trees, the great carbon accumulators, are the heroes in the battle with climate change and the paintings seek to highlight their resiliance and that of the natural world in general.  This exhibition also includes portraits of tree lovers from the tree's perspective highlighting the positive side of human intervention.  Some timber sculptures showing the activism of trees were also included.  These works cam be seen under "trees"

In 2010 I had a joint exhibition with my sister Cathy Bevis which was called "related".  Here my focus was to tell different stories via still life paintings of "pears". 

Pictures of all my sold works can be found in Housed

Works which have not get found a home can be found in the "orphans" gallery.  If you would like to contact about purchasing one of these please do so via me at mcpeile@gmail.com.

For reproduction permission or commission enquiries please contact me via mcpeile@gmail.com All works copyright Colin Peile