The Goat Stand

The Goat Stand exhibition was a collection of paintings and sculptures that told the story of my life.  My idea was that by looking at my own history insights could be gained about society as a whole.  So while begining with my own expereince the focus of the exhibition is on understanding our broader politcal,economic and social systems.  The exhibition tries to make sense of what is going wrong as well as looking  where we should be heading and how we can get there.  In short I advocate for a more egalitarian, non-heirarchical society.   Most of the paintings and sculptures were new but it also involved older paintings which helped to tell the story about different periods in my life history.

In conjunction with this exhibition i also compiled a book which used words and argument to explore these ideas.  A copy of the book can be found under the "Other creative pursuits" tab.

The title of the exhibition came from a painting I did in 1980.  It is the only painting I would never sell and is shown below. I did do a copy for the exhibition.   It has been very influential for me at different point in my life, revealing insights in to my experience in different in different jobs.  I have felt well fed, but constrained and milked.  I have felt out of place in a female dominated profession like social work.  I have also recognized more recently how I have been a constrainer and controller of others.