Other creative pursuits

As part of "the Goat stand " exhibition I wrote a history of my life.  The focus was not biographical but rather to use my own expereince to make sens of socirty as a whole and to provide a critical analysis of our society and the direction we are heading in.  Further I focused also on my own attempts to change the system and to learn from these small experiemnts to work out what needs to happen and how.  The paintings in the exhibition fit within the Chapter structure of the book and so it also provides another way to look at the paintings seeing my own thoughts  and ny experince that lead to each painting.  For those brave enough to have a look at what amounts to my manifesto you can down load a chapter at a time or at the bottom of the list download a whole copy

I am also working on a new book which is an extension of Chapter 16 and focuses on white guilt about colonization and how this guilt is often transfered from white people back on the First Nations people.  So not only do the suffer the injustices arising from colonization they also often have to carry  the burdon of white peoples guilt.  I Will also make this available once it is finished.